Height adjustable level limit switch

The Flexinivo® FN6 is a height adjustable level limit switch for volumetric level measurement.  For example, it is used in dosing and mixing containers or tanks, where exact aggregate volume measurement is required for example such as  in the adding of Perlite.

The FN6 operates by moving the vibrating fork in the container with millimetre precision using an external motor via a flat cable. The position measurement is served by a 4-20mA signal encoder or the millimetre impulses of an incremental encoder. The filling of the container is halted by the vibrating fork which responds to contact with the product. 

The Flexinivo® FN6 is the optimal solution for process applications, where precise level detection is required in batch control systems.


General Info :

  • Difficult product application conditions such as heavy dust, loose weight fluctuations or density fluctuations do not affect the functional safety of this device
  • Maintenance free
  • Highly stable flat cable - flexible and tear resistant due to integrated aramid fibres.  
  • Mechanically adjustable flow limitation
  • Flat cable cleaner within the probe
  • Measuring fork bracket in stainless steel


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