Capacitive Limit Switch

The RFnivo® level limit switch is universally applicable in solids and liquids as a full, demand or empty detector in silos and containers. The different device versions withstand extreme process conditions and due to their stainless steel components, are very robust.

The RFnivo® measures the capacitance between the probe and container wall.  If the probe is covered by the product, the measured capacitance changes and a switching signal is activated.

Since each container is different in geometry, the RFnivo® must be calibrated after installation.  This is done automatically once the supply voltage has been connected or by pressing the calibration button on the unit.

All versions of this device are complete with "Active Shield Technology" which ensures the probe is  insensitive to any material build up or caking. This ensures complete reliability of the probe.

International certifications for Hazardous Locations (gas and Dust Ex) ensure the device is suitable for a wide range of applications in all industries.



General Info :

  • Allrounder for nearly all types of bulk materials in all applications.
  • Simple, automatic calibration at commissioning.
  • Easy Access to the paramaters via display and Buttons.
  • Measurement of low DK values (from 1.5).
  • Active Shield Technology against material build-up.
  • Continuous self-diagnostic probe function.
  • Complete with EHEDG hygiene approval.
  • Suitable for use in applications with high pressure - up to 25bar and with temperatures up to 240°C.
  • Electronics housing made of plastic or die-cast Aluminium, Schutzart IP 66.
  • Approvals for hazardous Locations (gas and dust-Ex).
  • Flameproof enclosure available for use in explosive gas atmospheres.


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