Capacitive Level Limit Switch

The Capanivo® level limit switch can be used in many solids and liquids as a full, demand or empty detector.

The robust, glass reinforced PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) sensor  is even suitable for food applications whilst also resistant to many forms of aggressive material. The Capanivo® can be used in storage and process vessels, or in pipes, as a limit switch and spillage detector.

The electrodes in the sensor make up a condensator. As the level of the material changes, the capacitance changes as well. The integrated electronics evaluate the change in capacity and convert it to a switching signal.

The Capanivo® has approvals for hazardous Locations (Dest Ex) and is therefore suitable for use in most industries as a limit switch.



General Info :

  • Price competitive level control device.
  • Simple installation and set up, no calibration required.
  • Maintenance free, corrosion resistant, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Reliable and easy to operate measuremnet principle.
  • Plastic or die-cast alumimium electronics housing, protection class IP 66Certification for use in dust-Ex Areas.
  • High sensitivity from a dK range of 1.6.


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