Vibranivo® - Vibrating fork

The Vibranivo® - vibrating fork, with its robust stainless steel extension and high sensitivity, is widely used in storage silos and process vessels. 

The Vibranivo®  is robust, easy to operate and can, via its series range, be precisely configured for each application.

Electronically stimulated piezos cause the fork to vibrate. As soon as the sensor is covered with material, the vibration is dampened and the resulting electrical current change causes the output signal to switch. Once the material level falls below the sensor, it is free to vibrate again and the output signal is reset.

International approvals for use in hazardous locations (gas and dust).




General Info :

  • Particularly suitable for use in fine-grained and powdered materials.
  • Reliable, simple and maintenance free measurement principle.
  • Particularly suitable for applications under high mechanical stress, for example as an empty indicator within very large or tall silos.
  • Compact design of the device means it is ideal for installation in tanks with very limited space, eg small pipes and process vessels.
  • Parts coming into contact with food made of stainless steel.
  • Polished vibrating forks.
  • Version with separate electronic housing.
  • Approvals for application in hazardous areas (gas and dust).
  • Variety of electronics, such as 8 / 16mA, 2-wire SPDT /DPDT.
  • RoHS compliant.


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